About Virtuosolar

We speed up renewable energy

At Virtuosolar we believe there is a better way to do engineering for photovoltaic power plants.  A more efficient and qualitative way to prepare drawings for preliminary design or the construction site. 

We are passionate about speeding up the engineering process of solar PV projects by focussing on the automation of repetitive tasks

Draw large solar PV projects in a matter of minutes with Virtuosolar for AutoCAD / BricsCAD

Founding story

Founder Kim Eyckmans

About 10 years ago, Virtuosolar founder Kim Eyckmans started his engineering career at one of the top solar EPC companies in Benelux. 

Kim soon realized that he could improve engineering speed drastically with the right tools and started Virtuosolar in 2014.

The years after, Virtuosolar really got off the starting blocks and attracted many renowned companies in the solar market.  More recently, Virtuosolar has had its first steps into web development and today they are providing CAD software for both project-engineering companies as turnkey solutions for manufacturers or suppliers.

A brief history


Virtuosolar was founded in the Netherlands.
First customer signed its Virtuosolar CAD plugin license


Major EPC companies from Belgium, Netherlands and Germany signed deals with Virtuosolar


Virtuosolar released their first web application for Belgian mounting system manufacturer Avasco.


Moving to Belgium, opening of new HQ and signing a new investment capital.
First time appearance at renowned exhibitions as InterSolar Europe and SolarSolutions Int.


Various web and CAD applications being developed for a number of mounting system manufacturers and the release of our new VS360 Framework