Ground mount layout design

Create solar ground installation in 3D with Virtuosolar.

3D modeling

Everything in 3D. You select the area and Virtuosolar will place the 3D racks on your mesh. Together with smart move/delete/replace tools giving you the flexibility to design solar installations.

Export to PVSyst

No need to redraw your system in PVSyst. Export your drawing from AutoCAD / BricsCAD to PVSyst and analyse the energy yield of your system.

Slope detection

Limit the area where you place racks by using slope detection. This allows you to build your solar system only on the low-anlge hills.

Discover more feature

Design your own PV Racks. EW, South or trackers

Displaying solar irradiation heat map from any location on earth

Generate automated string plans

Easily add civil object like roads, gates, trees , wetlands inside your drawing

Calculate cable lengths, voltage drops and materials

Extract your BOM to excel.